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Children's Concert



Imagin Arta - Australian Puppet Centre has been writing, performing and creating for over 30years.  Located in Sutton Forest, they have shows every Sunday at 11am. The language of puppetry speaks to everyone. During a puppet show audiences young and old are transported to a place filled with joy and imagination. It is an artform with ancient roots that has continued to evolve and remain relevant in the modern world.

At ImaginArta we have created an Australian Puppet Centre that celebrates puppetry. We have an exquisite collection of puppets, some more than 50 years old as well as an extensive puppetry library. We have puppets to learn from and puppets to play with.

At Imagin Arta they want to give you a taste of the joys of experiencing a live puppet show, presenting some of Australia’s best puppeteers and those of overseas when they are visiting Australia.

Imagin arta - australian puppet centre
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Joss walsh - singer 

At fifteen years of age, Joss Walsh is already a standout promising talent.  Joss began playing the guitar when she was only 10 and crafted her first serious composition at twelve, following up with four more originals the same year. Since 2022, Joss has been a student of Wingecarribee Vocal Muster and has performed at both private and public events, including performances at the Berrima Vault House, the Ngununggula Mid Winter Festival and the Tulip Time Festival in Bowral. To add to her musical achievements, Joss participated in Highland FM’s music workshops, including the 100% Home-Grown Youth song writing and performance school holiday courses. 

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Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the zoo at night?  “The Funky Zoo” draws back the curtains
and gives you a front row sneak peak into just what happens when all the humans go to sleep…
The story begins when a little girl named Leanne, who is very worried about the animals, is magically 
transported to the zoo late one night.  She befriends a wombat who tells her exactly what the animals get up 
to at night – PARTYING! 

A fun song and dance filled adventure unfolds as Leanne is led through her own dreaming.  She meets 
the rather serious and emotional Glenys the Kangaroo, the lazy but lovely Kelly the Koala, the crazily funny but 
very wise Charlie the Kookaburra and the rather sad little Stephen the Echidna.

Leanne’s fun, however, is short lived when Stephen the Echidna escapes from the zoo and takes the party spirit 
with him. Will he survive? Does he know that life beyond the Funky Zoo is not how he remembers it? 
More importantly, why did he go? With the help of Charlie, Glenys, Brian and Kelly, Leanne sets out on a journey 
to find her new friend and have her questions answered. 

Will Stephen be found and will The Funky Zoo get its party spirit back?  Come along and find out.

funky zoo
music and dance
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Empress stah - trapeze artist

Empress Stah of Zero Central Circus returns to Bundanoon Winterfest for 2024.  With two performances across the site throughout the evening.  Zero Central Circus provides a positive, inclusive, non-competitive environment where young people and adults, are able to gain skills that promote physical fitness, alongside mind body coordination.  As a mobile aerial school, Zero Central provides access to this activity in places which would not usually be able to accommodate it. The mobile aerial rigs used are suitable for learning foundational and transitional style moves, with a focus on building strength, flexibility and good technique.  Join Stah as she closes the Children's Concert with her amazing trapeze and circus skills.

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