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Art Competition

Belonging – Place and Home


The Winterfest Art Competition is a showcase of local artists from Bundanoon and the immediate area.  Bundanoon has a unique sense of place and belonging for all residents and that sense of belonging is reflected in this year’s theme.

The competition is open across three categories, with the artists’ work being displayed at the Bundanoon Club during the weekend of Winterfest.

To enter simply complete the entry form and delivery your entry to the Bundanoon Club on the dates and times listed below.

All entrants, family and friends are invited to the Exhibition Opening on 30th June 2023 at 6pm at the Bundanoon Club.  Entry is a gold coin donation.  Light refreshments will be served, and we will announce the Judges’ Choice Winners.

THeme: "Belonging - Place and home"

"Belonging" and that sense of place, time and home is the theme of the 2023 Bundanoon Winterfest Art Competition.  “Belonging” was chosen because Bundanoonians have a very strong sense of place - there is a saying that "you don't chose Bundanoon, Bundanoon choses you.

We ask all entrants to consider their sense of “Belonging” and create their work to reflect this theme and to supply a narrative to their work.

Entry categories
  1. Adult Open (21 years plus) 

  2. Youth Open (13 – 21)

  3. Children (12 and below)


Judges Choice:

Adult Open Certificate and $150 cash

Youth Open Certificate and $100 cash

Children Certificate and $50 cash


Public Choice:

Adult Open Certificate and $150 cash

Youth Open Certificate and $100 cash

Children Certificate and $50 cash 


All entrants must complete and submit the online form prior to Saturday 24th June, 2023.

Entries and accompanying entry labels can be delivered to the following locations and dates:

Bundanoon Club:

Saturday 24th June 2pm – 3pm


Entries for all categories must be received no later than Saturday 24th June 2023

Please note that late entries will not be accepted. 

Entries must be collected from the Bundanoon Club, Sunday 02nd July between 10am and 1pm ONLY.

  1. Megan Morgan – Director - Ngununggula Gallery 

  2. Andy Carnahan – President -  Bundanoon Community Association 

  3. Jonathan Melrose-Rae – Convenor Bundanoon Winterfest

  4. David le Cheminant – Bundanoon Winterfest Art Competition Committee

  5. Jo le Cheminant – Bundanoon Winterfest Art Competition Committee

key dates to remember

Bundanoon Winterfest Opening Night and Judging

Announcement of Judges Choice Winners – Art Competition

Friday 30th June 2023, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Gold Coin donation


Viewing and nominations for Public Choice

Friday 30th June 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Saturday 01st July 1pm  – 5pm 

Announcement of Public Choice winners

Sunday 02nd July 2.00pm

All winners will be published in the next edition of the Jordan’s Crossing Gazette, and notified via phone.

Terms and Conditions

1. Entry is open to residents of Bundanoon and immediate surrounding areas. Entry is open as per the age categories below.

2. All entries must be suitable for display by hanging e.g. painting, sketching, water colour, collage, photography.

3  Each entry must be the original unaided work of the artist and completed within the last 12 months and must be suitably prepared for immediate hanging in gallery tracking system. E.g., complete with ‘D” rings or wire firmly attached to the back of painting or photograph. 

3. Maximum size for painting is not to exceed 1200mm x 900mm not including frame. Minimum size for photographs to be 250x200mm not including frame or matting. 

4. Artist MUST complete enclosed label and attach it to back of artwork.

5. Entries are restricted to two per artist. 

6. All entries submitted will be displayed but the committee reserves the right to reject any entry deemed unsuitable or not complying with a condition of entry. The judge and Bundanoon Winterfest committee’s decisions will be final. 

7. The committee reserves the right to have entries reproduced in any media format for publicity and documentation. 

8. No subject may be entered in more than one section and no alteration to title from that stated on the entry form will be accepted. The signed entry form is binding. 

9.  Junior Entries. As a minimum requirement, artwork is to be mounted on to a sheet of light weight cardboard no larger than A3 size, stating the title on the front with child’s name, age, and school on the back. The entry must be the child’s own original and unaided work and have been completed in the previous 12 months. 

10. The Judges decision is final in the selection of the competition winners within the Judges Choice category and no negotiation will be entered.

11. The Public Choice will be based on the most nominations received per classification within the category.  In the event of a draw the prize will be split between the winners.

12. The Public Choice will be conducted during the exhibition period.  Attendees may vote for their favourite entry by placing the number of the art work into the classification box. (e.g., Adult, Youth or Children).  Voting is based on an honour system and the Committee expects attendees to limit votes to one per classification per person.

13. Members of the Bundanoon Winterfest Committee and volunteers of Winterfest may enter the competition but are excluded from the Judges Choice.

14. The Committee will allocate times and dates for the delivery and collection of entries.  The delivery and collection point will be limited in the weeks prior to the competition and is not able to be moved or accommodated for late entries.

15. Exhibitors are to organise their own insurance to cover works in transit to and from the exhibition, cover works while on exhibition and cover works while at nominated depots awaiting collection before and after the exhibition. While all reasonable care will be taken no responsibility for damage or loss will be accepted by the committee 

16. All entries must be collected prompting on the date detailed on the entry form by the entrant or a delegate.   

17. The Bundanoon Winterfest Art Competition provides exhibition of entries only and does not provide facilities for sales of art.  However, anyone enquiring about the purchase of an entry will be provided with the contact details of the artist.

Art comp enty form

Entry Form

Is this itemfor sale? Please note if Yes – your contact details will be provided on the exhibition list of entries.

Thanks for submitting!

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